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How to Write an Artwork Essay

poster for How to Write an Artwork Essay

Mining Your Artwork for Meaning and Methods

I was recently in a funk with my artwork from so much sheltering in place and the repetition of my schedule, my meals, etc. I am not complaining; I have it pretty easy compared to many others. But the funk is still the funk! So I listened to the audio version of the New Yorker art critic, Jerry Saltz’s, How to Be an Artist. It worked. And led me to write an artwork essay about my current photo series.

One of his points that stuck with me was about placing one’s art in the current moment and not try to fit it into art standards or methods of the past. He inspired me to embrace my tools, my methods, and my results as being part of my creative commentary on today, for today. Read more

photo of woman standing in the middle of the road, by Roxanne Darling

Recent Shows and Photography Reviews

Occupying the Present

I’ve been very focused on developing my photo series, I AM: For the love of nature. My ultimate goals are a solo show and book. My path is to submit to juried exhibitions and photography reviews. So far, I’ve been greeted by much support and acceptance. I do what I do because it speaks to me deeply — and — it feels wonderful when other people acknowledge my work.
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