LACP Members’ Juried Exhibition

photo of woman in a field with horses

Equus Among Us [previously named Mustang Convertible] by Roxanne Darling

About the Exhibition

Opening: August 10th – 6-8 pm
Show Dates: August 10-31, 2019
Juror: Douglas McCulloh
Sponsor: LACP Sixth Annual Members’ Exhibition
Location: dnj Gallery
3015 Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405

UPDATE 1: My image, Mustang Convertible, received an Honorable Mention. (Image permanently re-named, Equus Among Us]

UPDATE 2: I was selected to be one of five artists to talk about our work at OpenShow LA. This event is connected to the LACP show and will be helpd at dnj Gallery on Wednesday, August 21, from 7:30 – 9:30 pm. More details here.

Joining a few selected photography communities has been very supportive of my growth as an artist. This is the second show I’ve been accepted into at the Los Angeles Center for Photography (LACP). I love being connected to other photographers; it’s been a very welcoming and supportive community for me.

I can experience a little tension, though, as my art is broad and photography is one of many tools I use. I think of myself more as a creative person rather than a specific photographer, painter, performer, etc. The overall statement of the piece is what matters to me; I’m not that interested in dissecting the parts once they each meet my own standards. And isn’t that the fun of art, that it’s so very subjective on both the making and the viewing? I laugh to myself when I hear so much talk about what is “good” or “bad.” It is so much more about one’s own perspective and pleasures.

photo of Douglas McCullohEach exhibition has a juror who makes a very subjective choice for the work in the show. Being included is, for me, a wonderful feeling. It doesn’t mean the work is “good.” To me, it means the work moved someone, made an impact on someone, created a moment of pause. That’s what I mean when I talk about the energy. A very special thank you to the juror, Douglas McCulloh who selected two of my images for this show.

The Stats:
1154 Images submitted
50 Images selected
39 Photographers represented

Scroll down to see a few photos of the event. If you would like to purchase either of these photographs, they are available in editions of 10 plus 1 AP. I am breaking a rule and offering each print at the buyer’s choice of size. I love the interactive process, rather than the top-down process. Email me if you are interested. I haven’t yet completed poems for these two pieces, but they are in the works. You can see some of the poems on the standalone website I made for this series, I AM: For the Love of Nature.

Like – Dislike vs. Good – Bad

As a sidebar soapbox, so many people express a lack of confidence regarding their own tastes in art. I hear frequently from gallerists who say part of their work is helping people feel confident in what they like and stop worrying about other people’s opinions. When we in the art community keep focusing on good art and bad art, instead of art I like and art I don’t like, we are actually making it harder for the general public to buy from us! Having ‘pretend objective criteria’ is akin to a secret society. Here is how the juror alluded to some of this:

What I love is the entirety of the art, the whole shambling, fabulous beast of photography.
– Douglas McCulloh

Selected Roxanne Darling Images

photo of woman in a field with horses

Equus Among Us [previously named Mustang Convertible] by Roxanne Darling

overhead photo of a woman on the rocks swaddled in a white cloth

Swaddling my Self by Roxanne Darling

Full Listing of Selected Photographers

SameSource, Linda Alterwitz, Bonnie Blake, Weldon Brewster, Joan Lobis Brown, Douglas Caldwell, Susan Kaufer Carey, Tracy Chandler, Roxanne Darling, Eric Davidove, Matthew Finley, Jacques Garnier, Jennifer Georgescu, Sarah Hadley, Bootsy Holler, Andy House, Mark Indig, Alan Jacknow, Brian Kosoff, Laura Krasnow, J. K. Lavin, Yiwei Lu, Lisa McCord, Joseph Moche, Kitty Moffett, Alison Munsie, Rollence Patugan, Karchi Perlmann, Osceola Refetoff, Dotan Saguy, David Schulman, Bert Shankman, Christopher Sheils, Johanna Siegmann, Wayne Swanson, Jane Szabo, Mitchell Walker, Thomas Wheeler and Jonas Yip.