Limited Edition 5×5 Prints For Sale at CPW

Two photos by Roxanne Darling

In May, I participated in my first official photography review at the Center for Photography, Woodstock in NY. As a result, I was invited to submit two images to be part of their annual 5×5 fundraiser. These are images printed at 5×5 and then framed to 10×10, in limted editions of 5 each. All proceeds are donated to CPW to support their scholarships and ongoing programs.

I hope you will consider making a purchase – it’s a very easy and affordable way to collect my work:

Click to purchase >> I AM: Gazing at the Deep

Click to purchase >> I AM: 65 and in Full Bloom

This body of work is receiving so much positive support, via shows and comments, for which I am so grateful. The more I work with it, the more meaning I find in each image. The personal narrative that stretches across the 30+ images continues to deepen for me and for those who learn more about the work.

I’m pursuing additional exhibition and projects with this work. It’s especially relevant to the #metoo movement, environmental protection, trash/trash talk, and women/aging. If you have ideas for how it could be presented or ways it could support these topics, I ask you to please be in touch.

The Poems

I am writing short poems to accompany each photograph. They spring from my personal stories and yet invite others in to their own self-reflections.

I AM: Gazing into The Deep

Some are afraid of hitting bottom.
I am afraid of being shallow.
No matter the topic,
the body of water,
or the experience,
I usually want to go deeper.

I do this with my eyes open.
I want to see what’s below the surface.
I want to see what’s holding me up
and what’s bringing me down,
so I can learn how to float.
To be unattached to this world
while still in it.

I AM: 65 and in Full Bloom

I was a flower child.
Excuse me, I am a flower child.

The only settling I’m doing
at this age,
is into the deep grass
surrounded by blooms
still soft and fresh and full of color.

Sorry not sorry.
No fading out for me just yet.
This party is just getting started
and you’re invited.

I am grateful to these reviewers at CPW:

Elisabeth Biondi (Independent Curator)
Mary Virginia Swanson (Independent Consultant)
Mary Godwin (publisher, Waltz Books)
Clinton Cargill (Vanity Fair)
Julie Grahame (