Marie Claire Italia and Me

photo spread in Marie Claire Italia magazine with Roxanne Darling


Way back in 1996, I built and published my very first website. I cried the moment I clicked “Publish” — overwhelmed by the idea that anyone in the world could now (in theory) connect with me. I’ve always experienced the internet as an oddly spiritual place, one where like-minded and like-hearted humans connect on even the tiniest and quirkiest of shared interests. Increasingly, we don’t have to depend on lineage or geography, and instead, the power of energy is coming to the fore. It goes along with the drive for increased ‘authenticity’ and a willingness to be more of who you are and less of who you are not. In essence, we are abandoning the need to fit in for the freedom to express our unique desires and points of view.

cover of Marie Claire Italia with photo spread by roxanne darling

All of this helps define my time as an artist, which I started in my early 60s. I give lots of credit to the “youngs” who have broken so much mindset ground for declaring one’s true self.

This is how I understand a cold request I received from Marie Claire Italia. The contemporary culture and fashion magazine in Italy emailed asking for permission to include my self-portrait photography in a 4-page spread. They contacted me last summer and included the piece — a photo spread and essay — in the August-September issue. As we await the release of the online version, I’m sharing the story with you.

The Featured Essay: How it started

I am happy to contact you since we would love to devote a portfolio of 4 pages on your amazing work I am: for the Love of Nature.

My magazine is used to devote in nearly each issue a large portfolio to a worldwide artist in the context of an article written by an important writer.

How did this happen? The Marie Claire Italia photo editor found my work, on the internet. I’ve bounced back and forth about having a standalone website for this project, I AM: For the Love of Nature. I’m calling this a “plus one” for having done that. They searched the web. They found me. They published me. I put out my work. I curated my energy. The result? Marie Claire Italia connected me to a much larger audience than I could create for myself. Previously, they featured Mona Kuhn and Elinor Carucci. Thank you for putting me in the company of these highly accomplished women artists.

Visit the project website for I AM: For the Love of Nature.

Grazie 🙏🏻

Here is a PDF they sent me of the print spread, for now.

Featured image above: 65 & In Full Bloom, shot with a drone camera at Unicorn Square on Maui, for my 65th birthday.