Only Women Can Do That – The feminine element in photography

Due to the recommendation of my friend and mentor, photographer Linda Troeller, my work belongs to a special exhibition of women photographers. The curator, Sabine Kutt, selected my abstract photography and encouraged me to create new images for this show. The exhilarating results combine images I made in Maui, Hawaii and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Sabine also interviewed me in-depth about the work; please view it on the exhibition page linked above. We discuss the sensual and evocative nature of the work.

Artist Statement:

I’m a lifelong student of consciousness who has explored several career paths. In my abstract ICM photos I’m not just looking for a fuzzy image, rather, I am looking for a composition and a statement that express both the dynamic and receptive energy of the subject. I am especially in search of depth, as the idea is to go beyond the surface, beyond the superficial or familiar understanding to something more intimate and complex. It is a conversation between my camera and the subject, inviting it to reveal aspects not typically seen by the normal human viewer.

I experience this work as a collaboration between me, the photographer, and the subject matter I am viewing. I don’t want to see with “normal” eyes and I want the subject matter to show me its inner vibrational state. What you see are snippets of a soul to soul conversation, not just a capture of something mundane or familiar.

You can read more and see some of my early abstract photography here. I refer to it sometimes as “ICM” – which stands for Intentional Camera Movement. The camera and I dance — aka move — while clicking the shutter; we invite the subject matter to reciprocate. Each image is unique, as the movement cannot be exactly reproduced.

Abstract Photography from Santa Fe, NM & Maui, HI:

Here is some of the new work, with an expanded color palette and movement styles. This art is available for purchase and can be sized to your specifications. I believe it adds nature’s vibrational color to any space. Click on any image to view full-sized in a lightbox.