Please Join Us at the Turquoise Trail Studio Tour

turquoise trail studio tour announcementSince Shane and I moved out of Santa Fe central, onto 6 acres in the ‘country,’ we’ve discovered an incredibly rich community of artists. We applied and were both accepted to join this year’s Turquoise Trail Studio Tour.

We’re so fortunate to have a 1000 sq ft studio on the property. We’ve spent the past year cleaning it, with Shane painting the entire inside (floor and ceiling as well as walls!) a bright white, and he also installed a heater as we had none. We’ve been busy making art the past several months and spending some time each week cleaning up the property for your visit; it had been neglected for about 15 years.

About the Turquoise Trail Studio Tour

Saturday and Sunday
September 17-18 and 24-25
10 am – 5  pm
Studio Location #5 on the map
40 Kachina Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87508

I’ll be offering a variety of art for sale, from The Little Darlings (my black and white hand-drawn pieces), my abstract ICM photography, photos and poems from my self-portrait project For the Love of Nature, and also my new iteration of Energy Chairs. I’ll also have books and notecards for sale, too. Here’s a little more about each of these collections with a gallery of images below:

The Little Darlings

These are my ‘channeled’ black and white ink drawings. I will have a selection of original pieces on cradleboard as well as framed archival prints. I don’t know about you, but I love buying art that is ready to hang in my home, without having to go looking for frames. These drawings are minimalistic visually, but rather rich energetically. View more in my portfolio here.

Abstract ICM Photography

I started making this type of work in 2015 while living on Maui and increasingly LOVE IT. It is so amenable to customization, which I consider a meaningful collaboration between the artist and the collector or interior designer. View more in my portfolio here and in a blog post here about a recent show I was invited to join.

For the Love of Nature

This is my self-portrait photography project (external link) that I’ve worked on for several years. It started on the day of my mother’s funeral, though I didn’t put it all together until about two years later when I started writing poems to accompany the photographs. This work has been featured in Marie Clair Italia magazine and juried into several fine art photography exhibitions. I’ve created a book of the photos and poems, too.

Energy Chairs

I am a big fan of the power of energy and understanding how it moves between and amongst ourselves. This is a conceptual art project that has many real-life uses. One set is installed in a classroom at Punahou School (that Mr. Obama attended) in Honolulu, HI. It comes with a curriculum guide for teachers and suggestions for use in business and therapy offices, and even art galleries.

Sneak Peak at the Artwork

Click on any photo to view a slideshow of full-sized images.

Thank you for reading! We hope to see you during the last two weekends in September. The Turquoise Trail Studio Tour offers so many unique artists along one of the official U.S. Scenic Byways! Please note: the cell service is spotty out here so consider visiting the website and planning ahead. We’ll also have brochures and maps available. One last suggestion is to follow the Tour Instagram account so you can get acquainted with the artists. If you can’t visit us in Santa Fe, you can contact me with any inquiries!