The Little Darlings

black and white drawings, channeled

The Little Darling

“Little” is often used not to refer to size but to affection, conferring the preciousness and innocence we experience with babies and puppies.

In this vein, I present to you ‘The Little Darlings’ — my hand-drawn, channeled artworks. They are infused with cheerful energies that commingle with the mysteries of life. They are minimal and clean in form though rich in vitality — for me, a welcome respite in our noisy and over-saturated world.

The drawings are available for dialog whenever the viewer wishes. Have fun with them! May they brighten and enliven your space, one at a time or as families grouped together or even as one chosen image shared among friends.

They are offered in two formats:

  1. single editions, paper on panel, finished with cold wax;
  2. open edition framed prints, sized to suit your space.

I also welcome commissions — let’s collaborate!

I never dreamed that I would unearth a unique style and vocabulary of elements! Here are the few small commitments I made to the work:

  • No preconceived ideas; just show up and let my hand/body start moving on the page.
  • No measuring or pencil sketching on the page; each stroke was drawn in permanent archival ink.
  • No images were rejected; I numbered and shared each one.

I created a video (below) so you can scroll through the first 100 and see my process and progress. Here are some current favorites from the initial group.

Please contact me if you would like to make a purchase.

Watch the Progression from 1 to 100