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Occupying the Present

I’ve been very focused on developing my photo series, I AM: For the love of nature. My ultimate goals are a solo show and book. My path is to submit to juried exhibitions and photography reviews. So far, I’ve been greeted by much support and acceptance. I do what I do because it speaks to me deeply — and — it feels wonderful when other people acknowledge my work.

For those of you dreaming about projects you want to make, I strongly encourage you to take the time pressure off of your efforts and to keep plugging away. When I first started compiling these images, I liked them, but in all honesty, I was clueless about they meant to me, and possibly to others. I have been deepening my understand as I spend more time editing them, arranging them, titling them, and writing poems to accompany each image.

I am somewhat blown away! In my previous life as a project manager, I was very focused on “start with the end in mind” as productivity author Stephen Covey suggests. It was much easier to understand the end goal and then lay out road maps for each of the moving parts to meet the goal.

But art and creative activities are different. They don’t fit that model. It’s been a nerve-wracking experience for me to “just start something” without knowing where it will go, what it means, or that all-confusing idea of “why are you even doing this?” But just as I discovered a drawing voice when I did the 100 Days Project on Instagram last year, so did the magic arrive in my working with the photographs.

There is so much trust (and fear and resistance) involved in making art. And yet, the rewards are equally opposite and fulfilling! I consider myself historically to be a very cautious person, one who adhered to protocol as a lifeline. This does not make for creative risk-taking. So it is tempting to express that old saying, “If I can do it, so can you!” I really don’t know what’s up for you or with you. But if you are looking for a rationale to break out of a mold you’re in, perhaps my story will add a data point of encouragement.

Now, for some other data. Here are the shows I’ve been accepted into so far in 2019. I’m averaging a 66% success rate. So, not getting into all the shows, but well over half. I declare myself very satisfied. And please do check out my work if you travel to any of these places!

Recent Exhibitions & Reviews

2019: Review Santa Fe Photo Festival at CENTER ↗ This takes place in October, 2019.

2019: Woodstock Portfolio Reviews at the Center for Photography at Woodstock ↗ This takes place in May, 2019.

2019: Juried Exhibition, open — theme | unconstrained, at the Asmith Gallery in Johnson City, TX ↗ This show runs from May 31 to July 14, 2019
The artist receptions is June 29, 2019 from 4 to 8pm. I will be there!

2019: Juried Exhibition, The Fine Art of Photography 2019 at the Plymouth Center for the Arts, Plymouth, MA ↗ This show runs from May 4th – June 16th, 2019.

2019: Juried Exhibition, Black & White Juried Exhibition, at the New Mexico Art League, Albuquerque, NM ↗ This show runs from April 16 – May 25, 2019. The artists’ reception is Saturday April 27 from 5 to 7pm.

2019: Juried Exhibition, Love & Passion – 15th Annual Decadence of Distortion, at the Karyn Mannix Contemporary Gallery in East Hampton, NY ↗ This show took place in February, 2019.

Photo Above: I AM: Occupying the Present

I AM: Occupying the Present

The road to personal power
is paved
with vulnerability.
Standing alone
I see the world before me.
Woman. Earth. Sky.
No needs. Only wants.