Shots Magazine Selection Summer 2020

collage of shots magazine cover and B&W image of woman lying on the ground in joshua tree

Shots Magazine Editorial Selection

I entered work for the Shots Magazine theme, Into the Wild, in late Spring, 2020 — my first submission to a print publication. Having my work accepted? It gave me the “chicken skin” and a heart full of gratitude. You can find me in Shots Magazine, Issue No. 48, on page 23.

I love how they describe their editorial process, so I’m quoting it here, slightly condensed:

SHOTS Magazine is a beautifully printed black & white quarterly in world gone digital, not an on-line publication.

An independent, reader-supported journal of eclectic fine art photography now in its 34th year of publication, SHOTS is known for its democratic presentation of work by a variety of photographers from around the world… Each issue has a theme…We don’t care about what kind, brand or model of camera you use, which format, whether you used film or digital, what apps or filters. We care about vision, about quality, about depth, about meaning, about magic.

This is one of few images in my series, I AM: For the Love of Nature, that I’ve processed in both color and black and white. This allows me to dance in more than one world; photography collectors and fans often have a preference for one or the other. I want to take advantage of the tools that allow me to express the range of ‘vision, meaning, magic’ that a single image can express.

In a MeToo Kinda Mood

black & white photo of a woman laying on the ground in joshua tree national park

In a MeToo Kinda Mood

Incest, rape, assault
are prickly propositions.
‘Don’t say those words out loud.’
So maybe a picture
can tell the thousands
of memories…
be still.
I won’t wear a crown of thorns
I’m no martyr.
But the space
between my legs,
once small & unsafe,
is now mine to manage.