The Blank Canvas

Artists and writers have faced the blank canvas / the blank page and chronicled so much about the experience. In 2014, taking my first film class, I made a short student film to address the mood on a dark and rainy day on Maui. My partner, artist Shane Robinson, indulged me and played the part of the brooding artist.

phot of Roxanne Darling and Harry Locke IV

Roxanne Darling and Harry Locke IV, film class on Maui

I loved my week studying with Harry Locke IV.

My partner, Shane, and I had filmed over 750 episodes of our (initially) daily video podcast way back at the beginning of YouTube. We learned a lot about the pressures of producing a daily show (through 401 episodes before we started to post less often) as well as how to balance a daily formula with special episodes, as the times presented themselves. We were lucky to have our amazing dog, Lexi, as the star – but more about Beach Walks with Rox in another post!

This one is to publish and archive my first ever student film, Blank. I hope you enjoy watching it. It’s the opposite of my cheerful beachy show – and I really had fun delving into the darker side of waiting for inspiration to appear while playing with the rainy day and various film and editing techniques. I chose black and white, as even on a dreary day Maui is vibrant and green – it just didn’t convey the dark challenge of creating something out of nothing. Not to mention, all the colors in the art studio. Just another fun project, learning gear and software, training my eye, playing with creativity.

2021 Update! 3-Minute Film Festival Finalist

Way back whenever, I entered this film into a short film contest in Santa Fe, NM. COVID delayed the proceedings, but at long last, the finalists were selected and presented at CCA. Thank you to the jurors for acknowledging my work — and that of several other eclectic filmmakers from New Mexico!

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BLANK – a short (1:26) film by Roxanne Darling